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SW-Box4 Subwoofer
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$79.95 each

The Concertone SW-BOX4 is a ported subwoofer enclosure with an 8 inch subwoofer. It is designed to mount in the ceiling or in-wall. This subwoofer is specifically engineered to work with all Concertone radios that have a powered subwoofer output. It adds the low frequency sounds to the surround sound 5.1 speaker systems like the W22 wedge speakers. The woofer speaker cone is made of a special coated paper with a foam surround to produce rich bass tones.

- Ported wood enclosure painted black
- 8 inch coated paper subwoofer with foam surround
- 75 Watts Maximum Power handling capacity
- Dimensions 15 1/2 inch high x 14 1/4 inch wide x 4 1/4 inch deep